Abnormal Child

Diseases, which can produce abnormal child, are: -

1. Mental Retardation
2. Attention - Deficit / Hyperactivity disorder
3. Autism
4. Conduct Disorder
5. Childhood Onset Schizophrenia

MENTAL RETARDATION: IQ level - below 70%

Impairments in communication, self care, self-direction, work, leisure, health and safety. Down's Syndrome is the common genetic cause of Mental Retardation.

ATTENTION-DEFICIT/ HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER: Child often fails to give attention, makes careless mistakes in schoolwork. Does not follow instructions easily distracted to external affairs Often run about or climb excessively does not listen when to directly.

AUTISM: Autism is characterized by abnormal development in social interaction and communication. The features of autistic child are

1. Lack of eye-to-eye contact.
2. Failure to develop peer relationship.
3. lcck of sharing enjoyment, interest.
4. Delay in development of language.
5. Repetition of same language.
6. Persistant preoccupation with same object.

CONDUCT DISORDER: Conduct Disorder is characterized by aggression to people and animal, Destruction of property, threft, serious violation of rules. Onset of conduct disorder is seen in childhood and adolescent period. It can be identified with following features,

1. Often initiates physical fights.
2. Cruel to people and animals.
3. Use weapon in physical fights.
4. Force someone into sexual activity.
5. Deliberately destroy other' property.
6. Often lies to obtain goods.
7. Often stays out at night despite parental prohibitions.



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