Psychotherapy is defined as the treatment of psychiatric diseases by talking with the Patients. The therapist or analyst's role is to help a patient gain insight into the underlying wishes and conflicts inherent in transference and therefore make the unconscious conscious. The analyst and patient both commit themselves to exploring the patient's problems, to establishing mutual trust and to co-operating with each other to achieve a realistic goal. Patients who enter analysis must have a genuine wish to understand themselves, not a desperate hunger for symptomatic relief. They must also have a reasonable mature superego that allows them to be honest with the analyst. Therapists create a non-judgmental environment in which patients can about a wide range of issues. The therapists point out how a patients unconscious is observable through various behaviors and actions that go on outside the patient's awareness.

A recent trend in Psychotherapy is the use of short-term treatment methods to help people deal with current problems and crises. These short-term therapies have gained widespread popularity. Besides short-term therapies there are Interpersonal Psychotherapy, Dialectic Therapy, Group psychotherapy etc.



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